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An Incredible Year of Music!

Wow! I can’t believe 2023 has come to a close. This year was huge for the Jane Symmes band. We performed more gigs than ever at amazing new venues. I released a surprise single “Magic” and toured my EP “Wouldn’t You Say”. We also had our first ever sold out show at Hotel Utah in San Francisco!

I am so grateful for all those who came to shows, purchased merch, streamed my music, got their kids to memorize the lyrics to Purple Lilacs, and promoted the songs through social media.

While every show was amazing this year, there were definitely some standout moments and venues. We got to play at new venues like Bottom Of The Hill and Neck of the Woods. We played our first outdoor house concert. We had a release show for “Magic” at the World's Greatest Art Studio in North Beach. We got to go back to Amado’s, a place I played in 2022, and headline  a show with our friends LOON. All of that led to this December having the opportunity to headline a sold out show at Hotel Utah, playing again with our friends from LOON and Moon Mode. 

Of course, we continued to get together at our home bases, Glen Park Station and Casements and sing everything from “Purple Lilacs” to “Rhiannon”. I also had the pleasure of being part of Rock Lotto San Francisco and met some unbelievable musicians…oh and we WON the battle of the bands competition. NBD…

Jeff and Trevor continue to be brilliant bandmates and we’ve had so much fun bringing new people in to play shows with us…shout out to Colin and Andrew for standing in on drums and bass, and Kaden, our new drummer! 

And last but not least, of course, there’s Adelaide, who flew back and forth to SF countless times and even flew to Martha’s Vineyard for 48 hours just to play with me at the Ritz MV, one of our new favorite venues. There’s nothing better than when Adelaide hits those sister harmonies <3. The support from my family is unwavering and I couldn’t do this without my parents, Elley, Adelaide, Gabriel, and all of my friends that travel near and far to see us play. So again, THANK YOU!

Looking ahead, 2024 is starting out strong. I’ll be playing Sofar Sounds SF on January 10th, (get tickets here) and playing Brick and Mortar with some local Bay Area Bands on January 17th, (get tickets here). 

I have SO MANY new songs that I can’t wait to release and sing for you in 2024. 

More to come on that soon…

Happy New Year! 


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